Planning a Fall Wedding?

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year to have a wedding.  Gorgeous natural foliage and temperate weather make for great fall weddings.  But for all of autumn’s positive attributes, there are still potential issues that you need to keep in mind when planning a fall wedding.

  • Having a “Plan B” is never a bad thing!  Although we all pray for the best and keep a close eye on the  weather for our big day, sometimes mother nature just does not want to cooperate.  For those whose weddings will be taking place outside, you might want to consider either having an indoor venue you can change to at the last minute or renting a Tent from your local party rental company (don’t forget the heaters as it can get chilly).  Tents are great as you can keep your natural outside setting the way you wanted it to look and if the weather clears up, you can still mingle out and around it.  Plan. Plan. Plan. Do not wait until a few days before, all that will do is add to your stress level.  Be prepared and ask around before hand so that you will know exactly what to do and where to go in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.


  • Dark Colors are NOT a must for fall weddings.  Dark and rich tones are beautiful for fall but if they are not really your thing, don’t sweat it!  Toss some Lighter colors in there to help brighten up your event.


  • Do your research when selecting an Autumn wedding date.  No matter how early you send out save-the-dates, the unfortunate fact of picking a wedding date is that someone will likely have conflict. That said, a little research can go a long way toward making sure most of your guests are able to attend.  Labor Day and Thanksgiving are biggies to schedule around to find a weekend that’s more likely to work for everyone. Also make sure to check with your rental companies and give them plenty of notice to what you are wanting because Fall is full of lots of events from holiday dinners to even the State Fair that take up a lot of product.  Save yourself a lot of stressful moments and make sure your reserve your product early.


Don’t let these potential pitfalls scare you though, fall weddings are worth every bit of effort and when in doubt ask your vendors! Your vendors will be more than willing to help you and offer advice as they have done many fall weddings before and know what to expect.

Renting VS. Buying

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Recently, we have had an influx of ladies come through our doors wanting to sell the table linens, chair covers or decor that they had purchased for a wedding.  A couple of story’s in particular comes to mind when asked “why did you purchase instead of rent?”.

The bride asked to come in after business hours and I helped her out with the product selection in the showroom and provided her a quote  two-hours later consisting of all guest table tablecloths, chair covers and dishware.  Her wedding was three-weeks away and she was planning for approximately 125 guests.

A week goes by and the bride calls advising she wants to remove some dishes and come in and finalize, but again cannot come in until 5:30pm.  I gladly accommodate her request and plan to stay late to finalize her order.

I meet her fiance’ and she hesitantly proceeds to tell me she bought her own tablecloths and chair covers and that it is much cheaper than renting.  As you can imagine I am perplexed.  I have already worked a 9.5 hour day and offered to stay on my own time only to be told that all the customer needs are dishes and the table cloths for the cake and family table reducing the order in half of the original quote.  While we are thrilled to still have the clients business I, of course, had to take the opportunity to educate my client about the benefits of Renting VS. Buying.


1)  Your linens, chair covers and sashes come pressed and hung ready to place on your chair

2)  You get to touch and verify the color of fabrics for your important day

3) Table cloths are washed and pressed ready to place on tables

4) After the event the rental company preps fabric for stains, washes, presses, hangs, bags and stores the product for the next use

5)  Time is money.  Let the  rental company do the work for you


1)  You are taking the time to research a product sight unseen and time is money

2)  A wrong size of fabric or wrong color may be delivered and may not be returned or exchanged in time for your wedding

3) All items come individually packaged and requires to be washed and press before use (I’ve seen customers take fabric directly from the package and onto a chair—this procedure shows your guests you do not care)

4) Need to have storage containers to store product after the occassion

5) Time is money and now you have to take the time to try and sell the product

Another client tried to sell us her mercury votives that our staff member, after reviewing the merchandise, told her “these were purchased at Wal-Mart and are not the rental quality that we own to service our clients.”  The client professed that the mercury votives were from Wal-Mart and then said “Well, I will just return them to Wal-Mart and get my money back.”  And then she left the store.  What are you thoughts?   Gifting would be appropriate and appreciated by the attendees of her daughter’s wedding, but she was too cheap and wanted Wal-Mart to pay for her daughter’s decor.  We were flabbergasted.

Party Pro has received several emergency telephone calls from frantic brides or family of the bride expressing stress that there chair covers or tablecloths they purchased didn’t fit.  Your request for an emergency rental has now doubled in price and your stress level for not achieving the desired look you had dreamed has escalated to a 20, from a scale of 1-10; yes…off the charts!

A wedding is stressful enough so let the rental professionals assist you in what is one of the most important days of your life.  Party Pro Rents is your wedding/event rental partner and provider of quality rental products to ensure you have a successful event.  Click on the link below to view more reasons for Renting VS. Buying.

Reasons To Rent_PartyProfessional

Happy Planning,

Stephanie Layson